The predecessor company of Marine Solutions started life soon after the marina came into existence. It operated out of a small tin shed and its first big job was building all the cradles for the marina, which have now been in service for more than a quarter of a century. Shortly after this the company shifted into its present location.

Ownership changed in 1996 and the business was then bought by Ralph Kearton in 2007.  


The renowned Gulf Harbour Marina boasts to be the home to some of New Zealand's finest vessels. Ideally located, it has easy access to Marine Solutions' engineering workshop.

The company's trading name was changed to Marine Solutions soon after, to better describe the company’s purpose.


Full-service dealership agreements with both Volvo Penta and Yanmar have been in place for approaching two decades. These two brands currently dominate the leisure marine market for diesel powered pleasure craft in New Zealand.

We are the point of contact for both these brands in the Gulf Harbour area, as well as various other large brands. In an industry with a large amount of unqualified participants, we are proud to say that all our engineers have the highest training and all relevant qualifications. This combination of experience and training means that we can deliver a very high standard of service.

For anything mechanical to do with petrol or diesel powered boards, from parts supply to full repowers, Marine Solutions is the obvious choice in the Gulf Harbour area. The most central Marina on the Hauraki Gulf. 


Meet The Team


Ralph (Managing Director)

After an early working life in the telecommunication and electrical trades, Ralph found that he had an affinity for building renovation and property investment.

He successfully did this for 20 years, dealing with several hundreds of tenants from all walks of life. When this no longer kept him interested he decided on a complete change of track and bought this business in 2007.  Since then he has been working to improve every aspect of how they operate.

"The marine industry has changed

a great deal over the last 15 years and we are committed to changing with it." 

Outside of his work, Ralph's interests are travel history and art from the 1800's. This along with a collection of vintage radios keeps him active.



Debra has worked at this company for more than a decade and takes care of all the accounts as well as maintaining the spare parts inventory. This allows us to always have common spare parts in stock so that we can supply to our customers' needs on demand.


   Outside of work, Debra enjoys fitness and she is also an amazing Mum to her daughters.




Shay Is from an old Bluff fishing family and was on boats before he could even walk. By the time he was 14 he was working on the Bluff wharfs. This lead to more than a decade in the navy as an engineer. 


His navel experience stands him in good stead in dealing with complex technical issues on boats. He is currently the Workshop Supervisor and for any software issues, he is the man who will sort it in no time.

He has extensive Volvo Penta specialist qualifications, and continues to undergo all relevant trainings that are offered.

In his spare time he's into BBQ competitions with his team mate Adam, who is a previous employee.



Vernon served his time in the Simonstown navy yard as a gun fitter for the South African Navy, after which he operated his own panel beating business before deciding to follow his wife's brother to New Zealand, nearly 20 years



He has been here for more than a decade and he is the go-to-guy for drivetrain work. Vernon is also great with training a whole new generation of engineers.

   After working all day with boats he spends his spare time with them as well!



Jayden is a real local, living with his parents just up the hill from the marina.


Being so close to the water, he decided that he would like to train to be come a Marine Systems Engineer.

  He is now almost finished with his  training and has completed all his block courses. He is well on the way to becoming a qualified Trades Engineer.

  Out of work he's keen on cars and loves doing 4 wheel drive tracks.



 Nathan came to us from School and has been under Vernon's wing   at first.


He is now a fully qualified Marine Systems Engineer.

He has excelled with all his course work and is now automatically enrolled for every Volvo Penta course that is being run. In his spare time he's keen on 4 wheel driving and snowboarding.



Andrew’s family has been involved in the electrical business for many years however, Andrew decided that cars were more in his line of interest. 

He has for more than a decade worked in a well-known major brand franchise in the automotive industry, and he now offers his expertise as part of the Marine Solutions team.   

In his free time he is a keen racing car builder and motorcycle enthusiast, and 
along with renovating his house, he has plenty to keep him busy. 



Austin was lucky enough to be born and to grow up in Northland.

After working for a short time within the trucking industry, he was offered an employment opportunity to work on super yachts.

Austin has excelled in this career, working his way up through dedicated hard work and study, and reached a very good position. However, his young daughter brought him back home where he is now furthering his studies as well as sharing the care of his daughter.