Henley Engineering Ltd have been active in the Marine Industry since 1917. The Henley’s name is familiar to most designers, boat builders, private owners as well as commercial operators. 

They have been involved in some of the most innovative vessel designs produced over the past 30 years. Their own designs have been applied to various industry sectors such as Commercial Fishing, Aquaculture, Military, Fast Ferry, Pleasure craft, Police, Customs, Ocean race yachts, Tugs and Pilot boats.


tiger  propellers

The Tiger propeller is the most POPULAR type of bronze propeller that Henley’s supply.

The concept is linked to US Submarine Propeller Design. Its highly skewed profile gives exceptional smoothness and manoeuvrability especially in reverse, in comparison to more traditional style propellers. During trials, this type of propeller was found to perform better in the mid and top speed range of the vessels tested. Large savings in fuel consumption have also been well documented from various commercial and pleasure craft users. Manufactured in 3, 4, 5 & 6 blades, sizes from 17″ to 45″ and built to ISO484/2 Class 1 or S standards.